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Mine Hose-MFD/MFS Series


Mine fire hose-MFD/MFS is a premium quality flame retardant rubber or plastic lined, double/single jacket hose.

  • For the MFD series, the polyester outer jacket protects the inner jacket and liner from wear and puncture while also helping to prevent kinking that limits flow.

  • For the MFS series, it enjoys so many great performances also, such as light weight, compact and easy handling.

  • A stripe of a contrasting color running the full length of the hose can be woven into the jacket.

Technical Data

I.D. Service Test Pressure Burst Pressure Certification
Inch Psi Psi
1-1/2” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
1-3/4” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
2” 250,300,400 750,900,1200
2-1/2” 250,300 750,900
Construction: Polyester spun as warp, high tenacity filament polyester as weft(filler), flame retardant rubber or plastics liner.
Application: Wash down underground, dewatering inside mine.
Color: White, other color on request.
Couplings: Aluminum NST/NPSH expansion ring threaded coupling, other couplings on request.
Standard Length: 50′(15m), 75′(23m), 100′(30m), 150′(50m), 200′(60m).
Temperature Range: -40°F to 150°F (-40℃ to 65℃),other temperature on request.

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